Women and boy mixing a recipe in a bowl.
Winter break is right around the corner. Baking with children is an age-old tradition our family loves to do together. However, no one's a fan of the mess that usually comes with it. It often means hours of fun followed by hours of cleaning. But I've found the solution!

A Mixing Bowl Cover for My KitchenAid 4.5 Quart Mixer!

The Dr. Organizer 3 in 1 Mixing Bowl Cover solves your baking mess problems. It has a stronger easy snap tab and locking cover for mixing to keep the mess in your bowl and out of your kitchen. Plus, it has a convenient ingredient door, so you can add eggs and liquid ingredients while mixing—for baking without the mess.   I also use the door to add a pinch of extra fun with sprinkles or food coloring when making cookie dough or cake batter. As you may know, those fun ingredients make an enormous mess when you try to add them otherwise. Besides a tough cleanup, some food coloring products can stain, meaning more elbow grease and time spent trying to get them off your counters.

Use it To Store Leftover Batter

Sometimes you run out of time before batter—especially when baking without the mess with kids! The 3 in 1 Mixing Bowl Cover converts to a sealed storage container so you can use the batter later. I've also found it useful for several fun recipes that require an overnight wait. While that's a challenge for most children, the result is always worth the wait.

Simple to Use

When working with children, simple is often best. The Dr. Organizer 3-in-1 Mixing Bowl Cover is exclusively for the 4.5-quart stainless steel bowl and is easy to attach and detach. I've also found that it's top-rack dishwasher safe, so cleanup is a breeze.

Versatile and USA Patented

The 3 in 1 Mixing Bowl Cover is a patented design that's versatile and fits snugly on the bowl for years of use. It's ideal for baking, but since I added it to my kitchen arsenal, I find myself using it for more than just baking. Whether mixing cookie dough or making a quick batch of mashed potatoes, this cover saves me time and effort while ensuring the mess stays in the bowl. With the Super Bowl coming up, I'll be using it to mix a big batch of guacamole dip.
Dr. Organizer 3 in 1 Mixing Bowl Cover to reduce the mess while baking.
Limit the mess to a few dishes when baking with the Dr. Organizer 3 in 1 Mixing Bowl Cover.
The Dr. Organizer 3 in 1 Mixing Bowl Cover is the perfect addition to your kitchen this winter break—or any time of year. It's easy to use, top-rack dishwasher safe, and versatile enough for various recipes. So don't let messes ruin your baking fun. Get the 3 in 1 Mixing Bowl Cover and start making memories with your family this winter break! Order it today and get Amazon Prime shipping! Do you have a friend or family member that loves baking? Buy two and use the gift receipt option. Give the gift of baking without the mess year-round!   Happy Holidays! The Dr. Organizer Team :)