Lu Lu's Lullaby Baby Memory Foam Diaper Changing and Mattress Topper
While many parents do not view a baby sleeping mat as a necessity, there are several reasons you should one. For starters, since babies spend a lot of time sleeping, it is essential to have quality bedding accessories. Just putting your baby to sleep might be one of the most relieving and satisfying feelings a mother will ever experience. Ensuring your baby’s utmost comfort can only enhance this experience further. The good news is that having a sleeping mat can go a long way in helping you achieve this. However, knowing which product to get with so many infant sleep product options can be challenging. Fortunately, we have the LuLu Lullaby Baby Mat, a perfect product that promises to lull your baby to sleep. In this article, we will tell you why you should a sleeping mat and share with you why LuLu’s Lullaby Baby Mat might be the perfect option for your baby’s nap time.

What Is a Baby Sleeping Mat and Why You should One?

A baby sleeping mat is a sleep surface that molds to your baby’s body in response to pressure and recovers its original shape when you remove it. The sleeping pad provides your baby with a soft surface and a much-needed layer of quilted comfort. There are several reasons you should a sleeping mat for your baby, including:
  •       Comfort: Sleeping mats offer an extra layer of cushioning and safe softness that helps keep your baby comfortable throughout nap time.
  •       Absorbency: Besides comfort, the mats can offer your baby a plush sleeping surface with superior absorbency.
  •       Technology: Certain baby mats include technology to provide your baby with innovative sleep innovation, from offering cooling comfort to repelling odors and stains.
  •       Convenience: With the mats being machine washable and dryer friendly, you can quickly throw them in the wash for convenient clean-ups.

How Safe Is a Baby Sleeping Mat?

The most important factor every parent considers when purchasing baby products is their safety. You can look at two things to determine how safe a baby sleeping mat is: firmness and fit. Getting a mat with a firm surface will maintain its shape and won’t conform to the shape of your baby’s head when you place them on top of the mat. However, since there are no federal standards for mat firmness, test whether the mat is sufficiently firm. To do this, press your hand into the mat. If it dips downs, feels squishy, or shows your handprint when you remove the hand, the mat is too soft. Alternatively, you could place a ten-pound weight on it; if the mat indents underneath the weight, it isn't firm enough. Besides firmness, there are other safety considerations you should keep in mind. For example, avoid adding anything to the mat to make it more comfortable.

LuLu’s Lullaby Baby Mat

LuLu’s Lullaby Baby Mat promises to help your baby achieve quality sleep. The baby sleeping mat has a 100% cotton cover that is removable and machine washable. It also features heartbeat sounds and light vibrations to soothe and calm your baby. Such features also go a long way in helping your baby learn to self-soothe. The best part is that the USA-patented mat comes with a remote that allows you to control and adjust its settings without moving your baby. In addition, thanks to its large size, your baby can use it for longer, unlike the smaller baby mats on the market that are only suitable for newborns. Not only is LuLu’s Lullaby Baby perfect for nap time, but it also doubles up as a terrific diaper-changing pad. Changing diapers will no longer be a fussy experience thanks to heartbeat sound and gentle vibrations. Some benefits LuLu’s Lullaby Baby Mat promises to offer include:
  •       Lulls your baby to sleep with its gentle heartbeat sound and soothing vibrations
  •       Removable pillow
  •       Machine washable, 100% cotton cover
  •       High-quality memory foam
  •       Acts as an excellent diaper-changing pad
  •       Light and portable
  •       A large mat that allows for prolonged use as your baby grows
  •       Remote control with batteries, enabling you to control the mat’s settings without having to move your baby
  •       Comfy cushion by Axis International Marketing
We carefully designed the LuLu Lullaby Baby Mat specifically for babies, from comfort to convenience and safety. It is an innovative product that promises to offer an extensive range of benefits. You can shop for the product on Amazon and enjoy LuLu’s Lullaby Baby Mat in a few short days.

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