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The Flat Screen TV Shelf is the solution to making the most of your entertainment space. It is a great way to create extra room for your entertainment accessories in your home. The Flat Screen TV Shelf provides a great place to store your favorite electronics while providing storage for all of your accessories, such as video games, DVDs, and even remote controllers.  When it comes to an entertainment center, there are a lot of great options for different spaces. Some people love to design a custom built-in entertainment center, but that can be pretty pricey. Another option is getting a TV stand or shelf. The TV shelf easily and gently mounts to your flat screen TV which allows you to put your gaming system, cable box, Blu-ray player and more conveniently on it.  Universal Flat Screen TV Shelf Patents to Retail

How Can I Hide the Cable Box From the TV?

The cable box is an eyesore. It's bulky, annoying, and it ruins the clean look of your TV stand. The universal Flat Screen TV Shelf is designed with function in mind.  Create space over your TV by simply attaching the sturdy shelf to your flat screen TV in under 5 minutes, no tools required! 
    • This versatile shelf saves space for your cable box, DVR, game consoles and more 
    • Makes your entertainment area clutter free 
    • Creatively designed to fit all flat screen TVs size 32 inches and up Universal Flat Screen TV Shelf Patents to Retail2

How Does the TV Shelf Work? What is the TV shelf made of?

The easy to install shelf was designed with vented slots to prevent devices from overheating. These vents allow devices to continue running at their optimal temperatures.  The shelf’s total weight capacity is 10 pounds. Which is ideal for your entertainment accessories. This shelf is way easier to install rather than mounting a shelf on your wall and then drilling holes to hide the wires behind. The shelf’s base is lined with a non-slip soft, rubber pad. This pad is uniquely designed to prevent your TV from being scratched as well as protect any items from shifting. 
    • The shelf itself is black and is made of steel
    • Comes with an anchor and screw to mount the brackets to your flat screen TV
    • Super light weight, only weighing a total of 2 pounds to not stress your TV
    • It’s straightforward rectangle design measures as 1”H x 30” W x 6” D

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The Flat Screen TV Shelf is the ideal solution for those who want to make the most of the space in their entertainment room, bedroom or any room with a flat screen tv. The best part is, the Flat Screen TV Shelf is easy to install and can be done in less than 5 minutes without any tools.  If you find that you have a lot of things to store around your TV, you know that it can be difficult to make the most of the space. The Flat Screen TV Shelf is a great option because it stores your media equipment while also providing a stylish, functional way to put your TV on display. Plus, it’s universal so it can be installed on any flat screen TV 32 inches and bigger! To learn more about our flat screen TV stand, please visit our website.

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