A woman sleeping with her head on a pillow.

Get the rest you need with The Sleep Disk.

Are you getting enough restful sleep? Are you waking up feeling more tired than when you went to bed? If so, consider trying The Sleep Disk from Axis International. This comfortable insert creates a space between your face and the pillow and helps improve your breathing to get a better night's sleep. Let's explore how this product works and why it matters for your quality of life.

The Sleep Disk from Axis International

The Sleep Disk is an innovative product designed to provide comfort and improved airflow while sleeping. It's made from high-quality foam that is firm yet soft to the touch. By placing the disc between your face and pillow, you can rest easy knowing that it prevents any bedding from squishing the delicate skin on your face. Plus, this extra layer of protection will increase oxygen intake while sleeping!

How it Helps You Sleep Better

The Sleep Disk helps promote better sleep by allowing more air flow while sleeping, reducing snoring, and minimizing pressure points on the face. Additionally, if you toss and turn during the night, The Sleep Disk helps keep your head in a neutral position while sleeping, improving comfort levels throughout the night and leading to a better quality of restful sleep. The disk's design holds it in place so you can move around without worrying about slipping out of place. In addition, when you breathe better, you sleep better, which means less tossing and turning at night!

Benefits of Sleeping Better

Getting a good night's rest has far-reaching benefits beyond being well-rested in the morning. Sleep is vital for improved energy, emotional well-being, concentration, stress levels, memory retention, and physical health. Essential healing occurs during sleep cycles, making rest a necessary component of a healthy lifestyle. Other benefits include:

Improve Workout Recovery:

Sleep is when your body repairs itself and recovers from physical activity, which can improve performance in the gym or on the field. When you get more restful sleep, your body can better recover from strenuous exercise. If you're working to lose weight, improved sleep can also help with that, as it helps your body regulate hormones related to hunger and energy.

Lower Stress Levels:

Experts have linked sleep deprivation to increased levels of stress hormones in the body, leading to higher stress levels each day. With better sleep, your body can regulate these hormones more efficiently.

Boost Immunity:

Poor sleep can weaken your body's immune system, leaving you more susceptible to colds and other illnesses. It's cold and flu season now, so ensure you're getting enough restful sleep to stay healthy.

Reduce Risks of Serious Health Issues:

The medical community has also linked chronic sleep deprivation to serious health issues, such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and depression. But when you get enough quality sleep, these risks decrease significantly.
Young man wearing a green shirt sleeping with his head on his elbow on a pillow.

With The Sleep Disk, there's no need to prop yourself on your elbow for more breathing room.

It's time for all of us struggling with getting proper restful sleep to consider investing in The Sleep Disk from Axis International. With its innovative design and high-quality materials, this product will help improve your breathing while sleeping and your overall quality of life—all because you're getting a better night's rest. Stay tuned to the Patents to Retail products page for the official launch date for The Sleep Disk in early 2023!