Patents to Retail attended The Inspired Home Show earlier this month. The Home Show was a huge success! We experienced many new connections and opportunities. Our team was able to meet with different buyers, some domestic and some international. We were thrilled to show off our products in person after being away for two years due to COVID-19. Since the pandemic the way consumers shopped has changed so attending The Inspiration Home Show was important to us and our clients. We captured an array of exhibitors and new brand trends. After The Inspiration Home Show rebranded to aspirational lifestyle developments we were able to show our practical products and how they will fit into your lifestyle. We were happy to join the world’s largest audience of home goods and houseware professionals. 


At our booth you were be able to see Snuggle Muff, LuLu Lullaby Bay Mat, Universal TV Shelf, Secure A Med Prescription Lock Box, 3 in 1 Mixing Bowl Cover, Catch A Cough, Smoke A Pop, Beltevator, Hair Lights, Razor Case, Toe Guard, Meat Marinator Kit, and TYL Stacking Chair with Storage Box. Some of our members from Patent to Retail were there to help and we were lucky enough that one of our inventors came in from L.A. to show off his product to visitors walking through our booth. He was able to share more about his TYL Stacking Chair with Storage Box and the ideas and strategies that went on when creating his product. All of our products had great reviews from everyone who visited.

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Our products are still available through our website and on Amazon Prime. Some of our top products include the Snuggle Muff which is a practical item that makes it easy to breastfeed or bottle feed your baby. The Lulu Lullaby Baby Mat that creates gentle soothing vibrations and heartbeat sound to help your baby fall asleep. The 3 in 1 Mixing Bowl Cover is designed exclusively for a kitchen aid that eliminates the mess in your kitchen. Smoke A Pop which is an adult treat and smoking accessory. Catch A Cough was designed to be more sanitary than the average tissue that we usually use. During the pandemic we have been looking for ways to be more sanitary and this is it! Secure-A-Med is a steel locking safe to keep all of your medication of choice. Flat screen TV Shelf which is made of black steel and creates extra space for your cable box and game consoles. The Beltevator will enhance seat belt comfort and safety. The Razor Blade Case is perfect for storage and travel. These are just a few of the products that we advertise. If you missed our booth at the Home Show there is more to see on our website!


We had tons of visitors at our booth and we were ecstatic to be able to explain our inventions and create awareness around our creative products in person. Retail buyers come to Chicago every year to discover new products and find new opportunities for partnership. We were able to meet with several buyers including: Wayfair, Crate & Barrel, Bed Bath and Beyond, Hammacher Schlemmer, HEB Grocery (Mexico), with follow ups from LTD Commodities, Target, and several others. We are happy to see large buyers interested in some of our products and can not wait to watch our products continue to grow! 


The Inspired Home Show created the perfect environment for booths, allowing for networking and increased consumer awareness.  They also made it easy to navigate the show. Patent to Retail was able to teach and learn more about strategies, past experiences, and helpful insights. With the experience of buying over 800 products and generating over 90 million in sales, we have the resources to transform your product. We have experience in manufacturing, packaging, and warehousing. We are already looking forward to next year's show and the opportunities it will bring. 



About Patents to Retail

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