What Is Smoke-A-Pop?

Smoke-A-Pop offers a delicious new way to enjoy your personal smoke of choice using the tasty candy tipped holder that flavors your smoke. Smoke-A-Pop adds fun to the party through candy mouthpieces that have a cool glow in the dark straw. Plus, each candy is only 20 calories! 


Why Would I Want a Smoke-A-Pop?

Smoke-A-Pops are conveniently designed to be portable. The fun colored, sleek tin carrying case is 5.5” Long x 3.25” Wide x 1.5” Height and weighs only 5.3 ounces.

Each 3x1x1 Smoke-A-Pop is individually wrapped to keep handy and with you wherever you go.

Every package comes with 6 candy pop accessories, 3 watermelon and 3 mint. Smoke-A-Pop makes every puff sweeter by flavoring your smoke and freshening your breath. 



How Do You Use a Smoke-A-Pop?

The Smoke-A-Pop adds fun to the party and is designed to fit all pre-rolled and personally rolled tobacco or other herb cigarettes. Also, strategically designed to fit all sizes of pre-rolled cone holders and rolling papers too!

When you are finished smoking, enjoy eating your candy treat and don’t forget to dispose the straw.

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Who Uses Smoke-A-Pops?

If you love smoking but can’t stand the taste, Smoke-A-Pop is your smoking solution. This product is intended to be an adult treat, they make great party favors!


Where Do I Get a Smoke-A-Pop?

Smoke-A-Pops are in stock! Get free delivery with Amazon Prime or a swing by a dispensary near you.

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