Shooting Boom Forklift Rental

Shooting Boom Forklift Rental

A shooting boom forklift rental is essential if we plan to carry out a project for which we need to work at height. In these cases, safety is something primordial to take into account, since as the distance from the ground increases, the worker’s risk increases substantially. 

For this reason, from certain heights and, above all, for certain specific jobs, such as pruning trees, or painting a wall or eaves in an elevated house, it is advisable to replace elements such as ladders with scissor lifts, or at least with small manual scissor lifts. 

These platforms give you the opportunity to climb to great heights, comfortably even 18 meters above the ground, offering numerous advantages for the development of your work. 

Its surface allows you to carry tools and other utensils with you, so you will avoid having to constantly climb up and down to move forward. 

In addition, depending on the performance you need and the tasks to be performed, you can choose between reaching out to a conventional scissor lift rental, ideal for projects that involve working indoors, or if, on the contrary, you need to work outdoors, in an irregular environment, renting a diesel scissor lift will be your best resource.

How does a scissor lift work?

To begin with, a scissor lift is a type of platform lift that uses a mechanism consisting of steel rods linked and hinged at their ends in a crisscross X pattern known as a pantograph to move up and down. Its opening-closing movement is similar to that of scissors, hence its name.

The mechanism is presented as a set of parallelograms that are linked by articulated joints that allow the mechanism to be lengthened or shortened while maintaining the integrity of the geometric figure.

The success of the scissor lift is probably due to the fact that it is the only platform lift that functions exclusively as a vertical lift, and it is also one of the few that, when folded, can be safely stored in relatively small spaces. These features have allowed the scissor lift to become popular for use in a wide variety of environments.

Which lift is best for you?

An Electric powered scissor lift for rent might be the smartest call for your project. Electric lifts are a popular type of platform lift, as they are presented as an alternative to using liquid fuels for propulsion.

On the other hand, the design of the shooting boom forklift offers numerous advantages and its long reach allows the truck to be fully loaded from the same side; this is a very useful feature in congested warehouses, as it saves up to 50% of the space needed to carry out this operation. 

Of course, all that space can be used to create pedestrian zones in warehouses. In addition, the long reach of this small forklift also means that operators do not have to expose themselves to hazardous environments, such as ovens or chemicals.

Whether you are looking for wholesale scissor lifts or scissor lifts for rent, you can count on Hi Reach to be your supplier. Reach out to our team and get a personalized budget that suits your needs today! 

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Shooting Boom Forklift Rental

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