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Our Services

Thank you for your interest in Patents to Retail. We are here to help make your product a success.  Patents to Retail takes great pride in ensuring every potential client is aware of the positives and risks involved in the process of bringing an idea to life.  We work closely with a patent attorney and/or licensed patent agent, who will determine if your idea is patentable.

You will be with us every step of the way!

Our straightforward and honest approach ensures that our potential clients are communicated all the steps and procedures that are necessary to make your product marketable. We will not over promise and under deliver and will do what is best for all parties involved.

The marketplace is the best place to judge the lifespan and success of a product. We will present your product to our current retail customers and deliver end results right to you. Our drive to help people just as yourself to become successful is our #1 goal.

We hope you consider our Patents to Retail program and we look forward to working with you!