Secure-A-Meds Steel Locking Safe Medication Lock Box
Secure-A-Meds Steel Locking Safe While curiosity can lead to grand discoveries, it can lead to tragic accidents if kids get their hands on medication that’s not meant for them. According to the Consumer Protection Safety Commission, about 67,000 children are treated in emergency rooms for unintentional poisoning. Over 90% of those cases involve prescription or over-the-counter medications taken by accident in the home.

Strong and Secure

It’s essential to keep your medication locked up and out of reach of little ones. The Secure-A-Meds Steel Locking Safe is the perfect way to keep your medicine secure. We made this sturdy, rust-resistant steel, and it comes with a chromed steel lock. Even a young enterprising child will have difficulty getting past this lock.

Keep Valuables Safe

Cannabis is legal medically or recreationally in more than half the U.S. But it is still illegal in any state for anyone under 21 to consume. So, if you live in a state where cannabis is legal, it’s doubly important to keep it out of reach of children. Store your medications, CBD products, and even medical or recreational cannabis items away from children, roommates, or anyone else who shouldn’t have access to them.

Wall-Mountable or Cabinet-Ready

The beauty of the Secure-A-Meds Steel Locking Safe is that it can go just about anywhere. You can rest it perfectly inside a standard medicine cabinet or use the included mounting hardware to secure it to a wall. Keep your medication out of sight and out of the wrong hands.

Simple Installation

It’s also easy to install—all you need is included in the package. No extra tools, no measuring, and no confusing instruction packets with too many pages in six different languages. The user-friendly design makes it a breeze to put up, so you can relax knowing your family is safe.

Key Specifications

  • Dimensions: Approximately 5" H X 3.5" D X 6.5" L
  • Material: Rust-resistant steel
  • Lock: Chromed steel with two keys included
  • Mounting hardware included
Secure-A-Meds Steel Locking Safe in use with CBD Medication Lock Box
Secure-A-Meds Steel Locking Safe for use with CBD, cannabis, or other prescriptions.
The Secure-A-Meds Steel Locking Safe is a must-have for any home with young children. Keep your family safe and rest easy, knowing your medication is out of reach and securely locked away.

Two Keys

The Secure-A-Meds Steel Locking Safe comes with two keys in case you misplace one, so you always have a way to get into your safe. Keep the extra key in your purse, wallet, or car. Also, many couples each keep a key on their key chain. For older adults, a second key is valuable for caregivers, home health aides, or family members who might need help with medication management. The Secure-A-Meds Steel Locking Safe is a durable, reliable way to keep your medication secure. Order yours today.

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