Prolong Razor Case
Keep your razor sharper longer and maximize the life of your razor. Use less razor blades and replace them less often thanks to the new and improved Prolong Razor Case that optimizes shaving performance by reducing friction, helping all those blades last longer, saving you money in the long run. Improper storage of your razor can lead to extra costs, especially when it comes to the blade. Instead of letting your razor lose its edge by keeping it in a cheap case that doesn't properly protect the blade (and thus allowing for it to get dull faster), you will get your razor to last longer by utilizing this patented and affordable case which helps maximize the life of your blade. Keep the blades sharper for longer and maximize your strokes per blade. 

How do you cover razor blades?

It's important to keep your razor in a cool, dry environment. The Prolong Razor Case is a patented appliance that stores and preserves razors. Save yourself the money you would spend on new razors. Razors stored in this case get up to 1,000 strokes, that’s over six times more than Gillette razors on average!

How does it work?

After shaving, rinse your razor under warm water to remove any excess hair or shaving product. Put the razor in the case and keep the case dry. Always remember to keep the lid tightly shut for optimal storage conditions. Simple as that. When storing your razor in this case, the razor goes in at a slight angle ensuring the blades do not touch anything.  Prolong Razor Case The Prolong Razor Case keeps your razor safe and clean through its layers of protection. Moisture is absorbed and pulled away from the blade during each shave, keeping it sharp and free from bacteria buildup over time. Sharp razors make for clean shaves. Ensure yours is always within arms reach by using the Prolong Razor Case. Reduce the risk of razor burn, infection and affecting your skin's natural pH balance. After 6 months of use, put the case in the microwave (without the razor) at 30% power for 30 seconds to remove any built-up moisture.

Can I travel with this razor?

You can easily travel with your portable protective hard razor case around the world. Its compact design allows it to fit in almost any carry-on bag. The portable protective hard razor case keeps your shaving fundamentals right by your side, secure and safe! With an ultra soft interior lining, you can always ensure that the case is completely protected during air travel. Small enough to fit in the tiniest of bag pockets and slender enough to not protrude when laid flat, this travel essential is sure to make any trip hassle-free. The Prolong Razor Case is a new and improved product that has several hidden advantages over its competitors. The designer-based case’s exterior is indeed sleek and stylish with its black motif while still offering protection from damage. It has a hard shell exterior so it won't break when dropped including the sturdy hinges and even better, the inside trays are lined with velvet so it maintains your razors in like-new condition always! Prolong Razor Case This razor case is designed to fit most men and women razors. It will keep your razors securely in place while keeping them well protected at the same time.  With the Prolong Razor Case, you’ll be surprised with how long your razor will last.

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