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Are you an inventor or entrepreneur with a great idea but don’t know how to make it a reality? Patents To Retail product patent services is here to help. Our patent product design services are the go-to source for inventors and entrepreneurs who want to license their invention, patent on design needs, and get it into retail stores. With our expert patent services USA team of patenting professionals, we can guide you through licensing your invention from start to finish. From helping you file for a patent and navigating copyright laws, we have got you covered every step of the way through finding manufacturers, with patent product design, and distributors for your product.

How to Get a Product Patent?

A common question we hear from our clients is, “How to get a patent on a design?” or “How do I get a patent for my invention?” The answer is simple—with the help of Patents To Retail product development and manufacturing. Our expert team has years of experience in helping inventors and entrepreneurs like you get patents quickly and efficiently.

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Patents to Retail has a vast line of products throughout the retail marketplace.

What are Patent Services?

We get it. You have questions. To help you better understand the patenting process, let me give you a real-life example similar to the stories we hear in daily consultations with inventors who need help like you.

Most begin with the same sentence: “I have an idea, but I don’t know where to start.”

Here’s what happens next:


First, our patent product design team works with you to create a comprehensive plan that outlines the steps needed to apply for a patent. You don’t need to worry about your privacy. An NDA ensures that your invention will remain confidential.


We research to ensure no one else has a patent on your invention and analyze its commercial potential. This helps you decide whether it’s worth pursuing a patent. We won’t waste your time or money if the odds are against success.

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Getting a patent is only half the job done. Patents To Retail pride itself on helping inventors and entrepreneurs get their products into retail stores. We use our extensive network of contacts and industry knowledge to find the best manufacturers, distributors, and retailers for your product.


Once approved, we can help you find product manufacturing company and distributors to produce and sell your invention. Patents To Retail has two factories, which makes us uniquely positioned to help you quickly get your product off the ground.


Finally, we will work with you to get your product into retail stores and promote it online. With our connections, we can get your product into major retail chains. We have a wide range of retailers we work with, from big-box brick-and-mortar locations to online hubs. We can get your product seen by millions of people worldwide.

At Patents To Retail, we are proud of the success stories of our inventor clients, who have licensed their inventions and made them available for others to enjoy. If you’ve got an idea that you’d like to get into the retail market, let us help you with the patenting process. Our team has years of experience guiding inventors and entrepreneurs through the complex patenting process and getting their products into stores.

Contact us today at 312-416-8619 for more information on how we can help you license your invention!

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How Much Does a Product Patent Cost?

We understand patents are expensive, so Patents To Retail works hard to help inventors find the best solutions for their product patents without breaking the bank. Each patent is unique, so that the cost will vary depending on your product and individual needs. The prices break down by service:

  • Patent Search: This cost involves searching for prior art and examining your invention to ensure it is patentable.
  • Patent Filing: The cost of filing the patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
  • Patent Prosecution: This cost covers getting a granted patent, including any additional fees and responses to office actions.
  • Attorney Fees: This covers the cost of having a patent attorney review and advice on your invention.

We often have clients ask how to patent an idea for free. You must pay the filing fees. The highest cost is legal help. While it is possible to apply pro se without an attorney’s help, we strongly recommend hiring a qualified and experienced patent attorney. Our attorney provides you with a full legal opinion and can also help you seek potential licensees or manufacturers for your invention. Also, when you work with an inventing website, like Patents To Retail, you get more than just a patent.

In addition, we can provide you with other options for your idea. Your next question, “Why license my invention?” answers some more questions.

Why License My Invention?

Licensing your invention comes with a myriad of benefits—including financial ones. When you license your design, you can earn royalties on sales and avoid the hassle of manufacturing and distributing the product yourself. You can reach a wider audience when you license your invention than if you were marketing and selling it independently.

Licensing an Invention

When you work with Patents To Retail, your invention will be in expert hands. We can help you through every step of the patenting process—from filing to protecting your intellectual property. We can also help you find and negotiate with manufacturers and distributors interested in making and selling your product.

Patenting Vs. Licensing

These are two different methods for protecting intellectual property and getting it to market. While a patent protects your idea from being stolen and used by others, licensing allows you to share the rights of use with manufacturers and retailers. Licensing also gives you more control over how your invention is marketed and sold and what royalties you receive in exchange for its use.

Do I Need a Product Patent to License My Invention?

Yes, you need a patent to license your invention. A patent is an official government-granted right that gives its holder the exclusive authority to make and market its product. Getting a patent before licensing your design is essential, as it will protect your concept from being stolen or copied by others.

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At Patents To Retail, we help you get your invention from concept to reality. Our team of patent on design professionals understands the complexity and nuances of patenting and licensing inventions. We have worked with hundreds of inventors and entrepreneurs like you who successfully patented their design and got it on the market.

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Patent Services in the USA With Patents To Retail

Patents To Retail is a full-service patent firm that offers comprehensive patent services in the USA. Our Patent Services USA team provides our clients with experienced guidance and support for protecting their intellectual property, from filing for a patent to resolving copyright issues. We also have an extensive network of manufacturing and distributing resources interested in licensing your design.

Success Stories

We have helped countless inventors and entrepreneurs like you license their inventions. Our clients have seen remarkable success with their products, from medical devices to party accessories and cooking gadgets. Read through our reviews and client testimonials to understand what’s possible when you license your invention through Patents To Retail.

Why Choose Patents To Retail?

At Patents To Retail, we understand the complexities and nuances of patenting and licensing inventions. Our team of experienced attorneys provides comprehensive legal advice to help you protect your intellectual property. We have an extensive network of manufacturers and distributors interested in licensing your design so that you can get it on the market faster.

We specialize in providing a full range of services for inventors, from filing for a patent to finding potential licensees or manufacturers for your invention. With our years of experience protecting intellectual property rights, our reliable professionals take care of all aspects.

Choosing Patents To Retail is a wise choice as there are many benefits to working with us. Our knowledgeable team provides personalized guidance every step along the way—from conducting thorough research on existing patents to negotiating contracts with potential licensees or manufacturers for your invention. We offer competitive rates tailored according to each project’s requirements so that you get optimal value from using our service.

To recap, with Patents To Retail, you get:

  • Get experienced guidance and support for protecting your intellectual property
  • Comprehensive patent services in the USA
  • An experienced team of attorneys providing legal advice
  • An extensive network of potential licensees or manufacturers
  • Full range of services, from filing for a patent to negotiating contracts
  • Personalized every step along the way
  • Thorough research on existing patents
  • Competitive rates tailored according to each project’s requirements

Above all, we’ve been working with patent product design and providing other patent services since 1997. We understand the industry inside out. If you’re looking for an experienced and reliable team to help you protect your intellectual property, look no further than Patents To Retail. Sign up for a free consultation today if you need help with a patent application or to license your invention.

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Patents to Retail has a vast line of products throughout the retail marketplace.

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Our “Tank Top Hanger” has been sold in over 25,000 USA retail stores as well as widely available through most e-commerce websites and has multiple USA Patents.

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Patents To Retail does not provide evaluation of commercial potential; hence, we provide no positive or negative evaluation of any product idea but we do commit to using our contacts to present your new concept because unless its seen it can never be licensed or sold.  Patents To Retail can assist in the finalization of your new product design prior to you applying for your patent (or if in process or already issued we can assist in considering the design you have for feasibility of mass manufacturing), however, we do not offer legal advice or referrals for legal advice with respect to your use of our services. Accordingly, we do not have an affiliation or partnership with any patent agent or patent lawyer and we encourage you to seek legal counsel of your choosing to assist you with any patent application or filing, which is solely your responsibility. 
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