Patents to Retail office expansionChicago, IL, United States - April 29, 2022. Patents to Retail shares their new Chicago office expansion project where they will upgrade their business and equipment. These expansions and upgrades transform the office tower by showcasing Patents to Retail’s promising future and previously established success. Patent to Retail sells novelty items such as household products, drawer dividers, kitchen storage items, jewelry organizers, and closet organizers. Their products make home organization and gifting simple. For over 15 years, their business has had its products sold at some of the biggest names in retail. These include Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Wayfair, Crate & Barrel, and Target. They produce images and designs for their products’ retail packaging and house their inventory in their growing warehouses.

Plans for Office Expansion and Business Growth

Patents to Retail office expansionThe business is proud to expand its office space to support its growing needs. The current offices are undergoing renovation to create better functionality and more attractive work areas. The office buildings are shifting to a more modern and sleek look. They will have a gray and white color scheme and beautiful new flooring. The brand-new appearance transforms the space into a brighter, lighter, and more inviting area for guests, clients, and employees. The office expansion also involves technological improvements. The Patents to Retail offices are receiving an impactful upgrade for their computers and phone system. These changes will help meet the demands of their business for manufacturing, development, and logistics with ease. The up-to-date and advanced technology changes help them connect with more clients, reach more milestones, and perform better.

Expansion of the Warehouse Personnel in Chicago, IL

Patents to Retail office expansionIn addition to improving the office tower, Patents to Retail is expanding its warehouse personnel for its retail product operations. Since they produce best-seller retail products found in many popular stores, it only makes sense to expand the number of personnel to fulfill the increased client needs. Some of their top-selling products held in their warehouses include the Tank Top Hanger, Catch-A-Cough, Smoke-A-Pop, Bottle Hugger, and 3-in-1 Mixing Bowl Cover. The need for expansion to house these and many other successes is evident. The increase in space allows for popular products to be manufactured alongside new developments. More workers are necessary to produce new and innovative products.

About Patents to Retail

Patents to Retail office expansionPatents to Retail, LLC is a product development firm that provides product manufacturing, development, retail packaging, logistics, and warehousing. They live up to their name and truly bring patents to retail for people creating fresh products. Their specialties include distribution, licensing, warehousing, and manufacturing. Their office expansion will further support these powerful business operations. They are a highly-trusted organization, selling over $80 million in retail products and managing over 800 retail items in their time as a company. They offer free initial consultations and keep them 100% confidential. For more information about Patents to Retail and their practices, call 847-297-0744, email Patents to Retail president Andy Berger at, or visit