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Patents to Retail Partners LLC Manufactures Exclusive UDL Domino Playset

Snoop Dogg and UDL Vegas Tournament features Patents to Retail’s Domino Playset


DES PLAINES, Illinois - July 5, 2021 -  Patents to Retail will be manufacturing the exclusive licensed, Snoop Dogg endorsed, Universal Domino League Domino Playset. 

This exclusive Domino Playset will be introduced at the upcoming UDL Summer Kickoff Tournament in Las Vegas July 17, 2021 as well as featured in the recently released movie featuring Snoop Dogg, “DOMINO: Battle of the Bones.”

“The playset will be exclusively made and available only to UDL members first. Then 6-12 months later we will be able to offer the exclusive licensed set to the mass retail and e-commerce market place. The item should be available late 2021,” says Patents to Retail’s President, Andy Berger.  

Patents to Retail Domino PlaysetPatents to Retail Domino Playset                  

The Domino Playset is just one of P2R’s 800+ retailed items. They design, manufacture, package, handle all logistics and warehousing. Due to their exclusive business model, they may offer licensing opportunities to qualified items or products as well as the opportunity to go directly into manufacturing and production. Most importantly, they offer the finished product to their many established retail and e-commerce partnerships they have developed over the years. 

Berger states, “It's not that we can guarantee they will buy the item but we can guarantee that the appropriate retailer/e-commerce customer will see it!”

Patents to Retail actively ships new products weekly to their retailer and e-commerce partners. 

About Patents to Retail

Patents to Retail Partners LLC

Patents to Retail is a full-service product development firm with a unique association with Axis International Marketing Company headquartered in Chicagoland with a corporate office in Atlanta Georgia and another in Foshan, China. They offer product manufacturing along with product development, production, retail packaging, logistics and warehousing right here in the USA! 

Patents to Retail has proven success managing over 800 retail market items throughout the years and have sold over $90 million at retail. They always offer 100% confidential, free initial consultations. Patents to Retail specializes in licensing as well as their affiliation with Axis manufacturing, warehousing, packaging and distribution. Their experienced team handles all logistics and produces quality products at the lowest possible cost.

For more information on franchising, visit patentstoretail.com, call 847-297-0744 or email Patents to Retail President, Andy Berger, at info@patentstoretailcell.com.