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Reputation is everything. That's why Patents To Retail is proud to announce that our excellent BBB Accreditation is helping us open more doors by improving the accuracy of product reviews. Patents To Retail has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Our inclusion further demonstrates our trustworthiness as an Online Trust Monitor.

Why is BBB Accreditation Vital For Businesses?

The Better Business Bureau is one of the most trusted sources of information about companies operating in the United States. The BBB provides valuable services to businesses, including:

Inform the Public About Businesses:

The Better Business Bureau provides reliable, unbiased business information to help consumers make informed decisions. It offers aim business information, such as customer reviews and complaints, business profiles, and accreditation status.

Build Trust Between Businesses and Consumers:

The BBB helps businesses build trust with consumers by promoting ethical business practices and highlighting businesses that live up to their commitments. It also provides a forum for resolving complaints between businesses and consumers. Resolution is a crucial part of the BBB's mission.

Support a Healthy Marketplace:

The Better Business Bureau promotes fair competition in the marketplace by holding businesses accountable to high standards of conduct. Besides setting and enforcing standards for marketplace trust, the BBB educates businesses and consumers about these standards.

Promote Ethics in Advertising and Selling:

The BBB develops ethical advertising and selling practices standards. It monitors advertising for truthfulness and integrity. The BBB also tips businesses on how to avoid making false or misleading claims in their advertising.

Benefits of BBB's Online Trust Monitor

The BBB's Online Trust Monitor actively tracks and monitors accredited companies' online reputations, including:

Inconsistent Online Information:

The Online Trust Monitor will identify and alert you to any inconsistencies in a brand's online information, such as incorrect business hours or conflicting customer reviews.

Broken Links on Your Website and Social Media Accounts:

Monitor social media for problems.
BBB Online Trust Monitor with BBB Accreditation helps businesses keep track of their public reputation.
The Online Trust Monitor will identify and alert companies to broken links on their website or social media accounts. This includes links that are no longer working, links that lead to error pages, and links that are redirected to a different website.

SSL Certificate Monitoring:

The Online Trust Monitor will identify and alert companies to any problems with their SSL certificates, such as expired certificates or certificates that are not correctly installed.

Customer Review Monitoring:

The Online Trust Monitor can help businesses identify and address any potential problems with their customer service. The Online Trust Monitor will track and monitor customer reviews across the web. This includes positive and negative reviews and neutral sentiments. The Online Trust Monitor is a valuable tool for businesses that want to protect their online reputation. It helps companies to stay informed about what is being said about them online and take action to address any negative information. Patents To Retail is committed to providing accurate and trustworthy product reviews. Our inclusion in BBB's Online Trust Monitor further proves our dedication to our customers. With the help of the Online Trust Monitor, we will continue to provide accurate and reliable product reviews. Learn more about Patent To Retail's commitment to accuracy and trustworthiness. Visit our website: Check out our BBB Accreditation: