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Patent Protection

Our Patent Process is fast and easy. We require all inventors we work with to have a patent in order to enter product development and production. We want to ensure that you own and hold the intellectual property rights to your idea.

Our patent team works quickly and diligently to get your patent filed. We want your invention idea to be protected under the laws of the United States Patent Trademark Office.

Once your patent has been applied for, we can begin working together on your new invention.

Do not wait any longer, start the patent process now.

Get a Prototype

Once you have secured a patent to protect you invention idea, the next step is to create a prototype. A prototype is a working sample of your product. Prototyping your invention is the most important preproduction step.

The prototype will allow us to work out any kinks in the invention and make sure that your invention is functional as you envision. It allows you, the inventor, to actually hold and see your invention before it is manufactured. The prototype phase also allows us to accurately determine the costs associated with producing your invention.

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Patent Your Idea