Patents To Retail is more than a product development firm that provides product manufacturing, development, retail packaging, logistics, and warehousing. Our start came from the same questions inventors ask themselves:

"How do I patent my invention?"
"How do I manufacture my products?"
"How do I sell inventions?"
"How do I license inventions?"
"How to license a patent?"
"How to license a product?"

We found the answers to these questions and more over the years, and today we have a successful line of unique, patented products. Our range of products is available through our inventions store and dozens of retail partners. With our patent services, inventors can turn their ideas into tangible products and sell them to the public.

Quality Over Quantity

We stand apart from the competition—With us, you can shine, too.

What's the secret to our success? We take a passionate and thoughtful approach to product development. We understand good design's importance and strive to provide innovative solutions that cater precisely to our customers' needs. Our team conducts extensive research and testing on our products to guarantee they reach the highest quality standards.

We believe in providing the best products at affordable prices and strive to provide exceptional customer service. Our mission is to make it easy for inventors and entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life.

By using our own model for success to guide inventors through the patenting and product development process, Patents To Retail helps them turn their ideas into real products that can be sold. We offer our expertise in how to sell inventions on retail shelves, how to set up online sales channels, how to market a new product, and how to gain brand recognition.

Partners in Retail

Our product manufacturing company has years of experience in the industry have given us an edge when it comes to retail partnerships. We know how to put products out on the market and how to sell them. Our team of sales and marketing professionals can help you develop a custom plan for launching and promoting your product in stores, online, and more.

Our partners are your partners—we work with you to make sure your product is successful. We help you create marketing materials and use our contacts in the industry to get your product noticed by retailers, distributors, and more.

Check out our full list of retail partners here. From offering customers Prime Shipping options to a quick pickup from their nearby Target or Walmart, we ensure your products reach their target market quickly and effectively.

Contact us today to learn how Patents To Retail can help turn your inventions into successful products. We look forward to hearing from you!

Why Choose an Inventing Website's Inventions Store?

Backed by Patents To Retail's decades of experience, our inventions store offers a safe and reliable place for inventors to sell their products. We ensure every product meets high-quality standards before it is added to our store, so customers can feel confident that they're getting top-notch products.

We also offer helpful resources and support that can help inventors find success in the retail market. With our free inventors resources, such as how-to blogs and tutorials, we give entrepreneurs the tools they need to create compelling sales strategies and reach customers across a variety of channels.

At Patents To Retail, we make it easy for inventors to take their ideas from concept to reality. We provide the resources and support you need to patent and manufacture your product and how to sell it in stores. With our help, inventors can turn their ideas into successful products and increase sales. Contact us today at 847-297-0744 to learn more.

How to Sell Inventions With Patents To Retail

We are committed to helping inventors and entrepreneurs turn their ideas into successful businesses. Our years of experience in patenting and product development have made us experts in selling inventions. We know how to work with retailers, create marketing materials that grab attention, set up online sales channels, and gain brand recognition.

Our team of sales and marketing professionals can help you develop a custom plan for launching and promoting your product in stores, online, and more. We are your partners in retail—let us help make your invention a success story!

Contact Patents To Retail today to learn how we can help you bring your product to the market.