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The journey from invention to market can be a challenging one. Turning your brainchild into a product, let alone getting it licensed and out in the market, is a task fraught with complexities. But here's the good news: we're here to help you navigate the maze of invention licensing.  

Invention Licensing: The Road Less Traveled, Yet Fruitful

  In the realm of innovation and creativity, product licensing companies emerge as a powerful instrument. This practice grants the rights to produce and market your invention to a third party—an agreement through an exchange of royalty payments seals this deal.  This pathway to commercialization presents an excellent opportunity for inventors. They may lack the resources, expertise, or inclination to mass-produce and distribute their products significantly.    However, it's essential to remember that this path is not without its twists and turns. It requires careful navigation and vigilant management to protect your invention while ensuring it reaches its maximum market potential.  

Demystifying the World of Invention Licensing

  At first glance, invention licensing might seem like a simple transaction—you have an invention, and a third party manufactures and sells it. However, upon deeper investigation, this is a strategic maneuver with the potential to propel a vision from a simple concept to the global marketplace.   The team evaluates the invention to assess its functionality, market viability, and potential profitability, which marks the journey's beginning. Once the team establishes the value of the design, the search for the licensee begins.    The potential licensees could be:  
  • A multinational corporation
  • A small manufacturing firm
  • Or another suitable entity
The primary goal is finding a company with the ability and market reach to manufacture and sell your product effectively. Often, achieving this requires:  
  • Extensive market research
  • Networking
  • Occasionally, serendipity
  Another crucial step is negotiating the licensing agreement. This portion is a legal document that outlines:  
  • Rights and responsibilities of the inventor (licensor) and the manufacturer (licensee)
  • Establishment of royalty rates and payment schedules
  • Determination of territories and agreement terms
  • Inclusion of provisions for quality control and dispute resolution
  Here's another area where Patents To Retail comes in handy: providing inventors with access to a network of experienced professionals equipped to guide them through the entire process, from securing intellectual property protection to finding suitable licensees and negotiating contracts.   

Paving the Way with Patents To Retail

  With a legacy spanning over four decades, Patents To Retail is a beacon of trust and expertise in product licensing companies.   Our president, Andy Berger, recently shared insights about our unique approach in a conversation with eBizUniverse:   "At Patents To Retail, we primarily act as agents for inventors, helping license their new product idea or patent to one of our retail or e-commerce partners," explained Andy.    "What truly sets us apart is our ability to take the product directly into production under the Axis International brand. If a potential licensor is interested in the product but lacks the means to manufacture it, we can quote production costs and manufacture the products ourselves."   Our track record speaks volumes about our capabilities.  With over $100 million sold at retail and hundreds of retail items brought to the mass retail and e-commerce marketplace, we've proven our ability to turn inventive ideas into commercial successes.    Our expansive product line, available at major retailers like Amazon, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Wayfair, Crate & Barrel, and Target, showcases our diverse capabilities.  

A Trusted Partner in Your Journey

Bring your idea to a company that can bring it to life!
Despite our global presence, we believe in maintaining open communication and accessibility.    As Andy emphasizes, "I'm always available to speak with any of our potential or current clients."    We offer free initial consultations and maintain 100% confidentiality. With our extensive experience in invention licensing and commitment to open communication, you can trust us to bring your invention to the retail marketplace.            Reach out to us today, and let's work together to realize your invention's full potential.