A boy and his dog in a towel.
Pets can be quite challenging at bath time or whenever they get wet. If you’ve ever experienced them trying to shake off excess water or running around all wet and wild after a bath, then Milo’s Choice is your perfect choice. It is large enough to encompass your pup, and its patented ear-shaped drying pockets are the solution to your wet dog woes!

For Most Pets

The large design of Milo’s Choice hooded microfiber towel with ear shaper drying pockets is perfect for most sized pets. Not only does it fully cover them by tying the ear-shaped pockets to wrap around their head snugly, but it also gives them a sense of comfort and security. This design really works to keep you dry when they try to shake off excess water. While we don’t recommend wearing a new outfit while drying your pets, with Milo’s Choice, you won’t end up needing a towel too!

Ear Shaped Drying Pockets

Milo’s Choice hooded microfiber towel with ear-shaped drying pockets is such a fun and functional towel. The pockets are used for drying and tying, but they also serve a higher purpose- to help dry inside your pup’s ears efficiently. Leaving moisture inside their ears can be uncomfortable for your pup and lead to infections. With Milo’s Choice microfiber pockets, you can simply flip your hand around to use the unused side of the drying pocket to really get inside their ears and let the microfiber’s cleaning ability do the rest!

Benefits of Microfiber

Microfiber is a high-quality, soft, absorbent, durable, and machine-washable material. It also has many health benefits and is ideal for removing pet dander, dirt, grease, grime, pollen, and loose fur. Microfiber has been clinically tested and proven to remove 98% of bacteria and 93% of viruses without using harsh chemicals. Drying with microfiber towels can significantly reduce the effects of allergens for you and your pets. Between baths, Milo’s Choice can be used damp to wipe down your pets or furniture to trap and remove pet dander, germs, grease, and grime.

Other Uses for Milo’s Choice

Milo’s Choice can solve many daily issues. Its lightweight material is perfect for travel, and if your pup is like Milo, it will take any opportunity to get wet! Or rainy days?? Wrap your dog or even your kids up and keep your car dry. Keeping your car clean and dry can be tricky! Like shedding, especially nervous shedding! Use Milo’s Choice dry and wrap up your pup. Not only will its calming ability help, but it will catch most of the fur before it hits your seat.

Professional Groomer Tested and Approved

Of course, the most valued opinion we can give you is from professional groomers. They have first-hand experience with even the most challenging pets and know the importance of quality products and care. Milo’s Choice has been Groomer tested and approved! If it’s making the pros’ lives easier than you know, it’s worth the investment! Get ready to give your pet the best care with Milo’s Choice Hooded Microfiber Towel with Ear Shaped drying pockets! Milo’s Choice is an innovative new product that provides fun and functional features, making everyday pet life a breeze!   Milo’s Choice is coming to Amazon in early 2023!