Little toe guardAre you ready for summer? Starting to plan vacations? You must be excited to start transitioning your winter clothes to spring-like clothes. Start with getting rid of your thick winter boots and pull out your favorite pair of adorable sandals or heels. There’s nothing like the boost of confidence you get from sliding on your favorite pair of heels. Yet, it does not take long for unbearable pain to set in. Many women have pondered over what the solution to this problem is. Searching high and low for the most expensive heels, testing different kinds of stilettos, and trying to train yourself to wear heels. Nothing has worked.  Women still struggle with throbbing feet but want to feel confident in what they wear. Even switching to sandals can feel uncomfortable when the straps do not fit properly. As summer approaches, heels and sandals become a great fashion statement and practical on hot summer days. It can become dreadful thinking of having to wear uncomfortable footwear.  It is common for sandal straps to rub against your skin which will later cause blisters. Straps may also not fit your feet correctly which will leave you with an unflattering look. Luckily there is the little toe guard (and other tricks) to help out anyone experiencing pain when they wear sandals and heels.  Little toe guard rear packagingHere are some tips to try: Also, avoid wearing flat soles. If you are wearing closed-toe shoes it is possible to slide in an insole. Since we are not dealing with closed-toe shoes, the best tip in heels is to find a pair with arch support and a thicker heel. Avoid wearing flat sandals and heels for long periods of time especially when you know you’re going to be on your feet all day. Slightly stretching out your shoes can also help the friction between your shoe and your foot. The oldest trick in the book is to use band-aids or cloth to avoid blisters.  Why The Little Toe Guard?  We have the best product for you! A thoughtfully crafted product that will stop your little toe from popping out from between your sandal straps. After years of uncomfortable friction and straps not fitting correctly the idea of the Little Toe Guard came about. The Little Toe Guard is for protection and comfort of your pinky toe and is nearly invisible so no one will be able to tell you are wearing it. This Pinky toe cushion and protector is a simple solution. So, now you are able to keep your favorite pair of shoes and never have to suffer through the unbearable pain.  How does it work? Simply make sure the inside of the sandal or heel is dry before using the Little Toe Guard. Put your foot in the sandal and locate where your pinky toe is. Peel off the adhesive strip and place it inside the sandal. You can also cut the product down so that it can properly fit whatever kind of shoe you have but avoid trimming the adhesive strip at the top. Enjoy a pack of six little toe guards to apply to any shoe you would like. 

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