Two hands, one with a pill bottle and the other will pills.
Keeping medications away from children and vulnerable adults is a critical responsibility for any caregiver. Whether you have narcotics that you must keep under lock and key or want your OTC meds away from prying and curious hands, it's vital to lock up your medicine. Unfortunately, securing medication can be difficult and time-consuming, often requiring multiple steps to ensure the safety of those who need to access the medicine. The solution? Secure-A-Meds Personal Medication Lock Box - an easy-to-install, long-lasting solution that provides your medication is secure and out of reach of those who should not have access. Let's explain why this lock box is a great safe storage option. 

Durability and Security

The Secure-A-Meds Personal Medication Lock Box is built to last with rust-resistant steel construction, to store up to six medication containers away from children and pets safe. The chromed steel lock has two keys, so you can keep one key on hand while storing the other securely. This US Patent Pending design ensures this long-lasting solution is both secure and trustworthy. 

Easy Installation

Installing Secure-A-Meds Personal Medication Lock Box into standard medicine cabinets is easy thanks to the mounting hardware and tape included in each box. With no tools required, installation is quick and mess-free. Plus, once it's installed, you won't need to worry about moving it around or resetting it whenever you need access - unlock the box using one of the two provided keys!     However, many choose to use the Secure-A-Meds in their vehicle. The Portable secure box fits into many glove compartments and armrests, making it ideal for any car, truck, or SUV. Going on a trip? No problem! The portable secure box is lightweight, and you can take it anywhere, making it the perfect travel companion. Add it to your luggage or bring it in the car - your medication stays secure.

Peace of Mind

With Secure-A-Meds Personal Medication Lock Box, caregivers can have peace of mind knowing they're keeping their medications safe from curious hands or accidental spills. And since installing the lock box requires no tools or extra materials, anyone can easily enjoy its convenience and security. Many skip products that need them to break out the tools and spend time installing, but this isn't necessary with Secure-A-Meds. All you need to do is buy Secure-A-Meds. It's that easy.
Secure A Meds box with two keys.
Secure A Meds box with two keys.
See for yourself with this quick video!   Securely storing medications away from children and vulnerable adults is essential to being a responsible caregiver. Fortunately, Secure-A-Meds Personal Medication Lock Box makes it easy! Its rust-resistant steel construction features chromed steel locks with two keys and mounting hardware and tape for easy installation into standard medicine cabinets—Secure A-Meds provides a long-lasting solution that ensures your medication stays safe while being easily accessible when needed. Get yours today on Amazon with Prime shipping! Secure A Meds – ​lock it up!​