Universal Pot and Pan Organizer

Pull-Out Kitchen Organizer Eliminates Cabinet Clutter

Keeping your kitchen organized is now possible with Patents to Retail and Axis International Marketing’s USA Patented Pot and Pan Cabinet Organizer! Leave messy stacks of kitchen cookware in the past. No more unorganized pots and pans falling onto your kitchen floor, no more stacking, scratching or denting your kitchen cookware, no more bending down to dig through your cabinets.  This USA patented, easy to install pot, pan and lid organizer is ideal for any kitchen! The organizer easily pulls out and has a soft, self closing slide to best aid you in your kitchen.  The unique pull-out design includes 8 hooks to hold all of your pots, pans and lids. It is user-friendly and designed for a customized look and fit for your kitchen cookware. This kitchen organization tool allows you to easily adjust the hooks to best  fit the custom sizes of your pots, pans and lids.  The Cabinet Pull Out Pot & Pan Holder is a fantastic way to store your kitchen cookware! It is a practical and durable tool for organizing your kitchen. There is no easier way to keep your kitchen neat and tidy! Simply install the alloy steel kitchen organizer in 3 easy steps with the included mounting hardware for maximum kitchen storage and organization.

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Now equipped with a new and improved locking mechanism. To remove the bracket, simply squeeze the 2 rails together and pull off the bracket. After, proceed with package instructions.  

Currently available at both Target and Amazon.

Cabinet Pull Out Pot and Pan Holder To organize your kitchen, you'll need to use the right tools like the Cabinet Pull Out Pot & Pan Holder. The durable pot and pan holder is designed to help you organize your pots, pans and lids just the way you want them and is built to last just like all of Patents to Retail Partners patented products. 

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Since their first patented product came about in 1988 they have been expanding product lines while continuing to bring new and innovative ideas to the retail market. They have helped hundreds of organizational tools, products, houseware items, accessories, novelties and much more come to life! When collaborating with Patents to Retail Partners LLC your product idea can transform into a patent. That patent can then be developed into an actual manufactured product through their partnership with Axis International Marketing Company. The product will then be offered to major retailers to market, just like this unique  Cabinet Pull Out Pot & Pan Holder and handfuls of other products! Patents to Retail Partners LLC and Axis International Marketing Company work together and manage product ideas from start to finish. They offer free product consultation, sourcing and manufacturing, prototype design, eCommerce and shipping as well as present products to the retail market, including but not limited to many large retail stores and online sites such as Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Crate & Barrel, Zulily, Walmart, TJMaxx, Marshalls, HomeGoods, Target, LTD Commodities, Dollar General, Wayfair, Family Dollar, Lillian Vernon, Current and more!  Are you ready to move that genius product idea from the back of your mind to money in your pocket? Choosing the right company to partner with can boost you and your product to the checkout line sooner than you thought. Patents to Retail has proven success managing over 800 products to the marketplace throughout the years and have sold over $90 million at retail.  Contact Patents to Retail Partners LLC experts today to get your product idea into retail stores! For more information on selling throughout the marketplace, visit patentstoretail.com, call 847-297-0744 or email Patents to Retail President, Andy Berger, at info@patentstoretailcell.com