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In the intricate invention licensing business, navigating the path from invention to market can be challenging. That’s where product licensing companies like Patents To Retail come in. As a leading product licensing company, Patents to Retail is your trusted guide. Our intellectual property brokers understand intellectual property rights and have the expertise to turn your innovative ideas into profitable retail products. As intellectual property brokers, we specialize in invention licensing, offering comprehensive solutions for every process step. We’ve helped countless inventors successfully license products, maximizing their market potential.

We’re not just one of the best invention help companies—we’re your partner in success. From manufacturing to sales, our comprehensive services can meet all your needs. With Patents to Retail by your side, the road to license products becomes an exciting journey. Now that you’ve got a glimpse of who we are and what we do let’s explore how our systematic and proven approach can transform your invention into a market hit.

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Patents to Retail has a vast line of products throughout the retail marketplace.

What is Product Licensing?

Product licensing is a highly advantageous strategic business model. Licensing products to companies effectively empowers inventors and businesses to monetize their innovative creations and valuable intellectual property. When you license products you are granting permission from the owner (licensor) to another entity (licensee), this arrangement enables the licensee to manufacture and market the product.

Product licenses also ensures that the licensor receives royalty payments or a specific fee as mutually agreed upon. This collaborative approach facilitates the expansion of market reach and diversification of revenue streams. It also fosters innovation and growth in the business ecosystem.

Understanding Product Licensing

What does it mean to license a product?

Creating a new product is an exciting journey filled with innovation and creativity. Inventors pour countless hours into their work, developing unique solutions to everyday problems or bringing completely novel ideas to life. Once the invention phase is complete, the inventor often seeks to protect their intellectual property through patents. This legal safeguard acts as a formidable barrier, deterring unauthorized replication of the product.

However, the journey from invention to commercialization is a complex path. It’s a winding road fraught with challenges and complexities. Taking a product from the drawing board and turning it into a tangible item on store shelves can be intricate, expensive, and time-consuming.

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The Gap Between Invention and Commercialization

This gap between invention and commercialization is where many inventors find themselves stranded. They might have an excellent product but need the resources, knowledge, or connections to bring it to the market effectively. They need to navigate manufacturing, packaging, logistics, warehousing, and distribution – each a field of expertise in its own right.

Moreover, the retail industry is a competitive landscape. With the right contacts and understanding of market dynamics, even the most innovative products may be able to reach their intended audience

How Product Licensing Companies Bridge the Gap

This is where product licensing companies come into play. Companies like Patents to Retail serve as the bridge over this daunting gap. With extensive industry expertise and a vast network of contacts, we are uniquely positioned as one of the best invention help companies. Our goal is to assist inventors in bringing their products to the market.

We handle all aspects of the journey from invention to commercialization. Our services include everything from manufacturing. We use our plastic injection molding factory and metal fabrication facility for production. Additionally, we handle packaging, warehousing, and distribution. We ensure the product reaches significant retailers such as Amazon, Wayfair, Crate & Barrel, and Target.

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The Benefits of Product Licensing

Licensing products to companies is a comprehensive solution that benefits not just inventors but also consumers and the broader market. It plays an instrumental role in taking innovative products from concept to reality, bridging the often challenging gap between invention and commercialization. At Patents to Retail, we specialize in this process, leveraging our extensive industry expertise and resources to bring inventive products to market.

Here are some of the critical benefits of licensing products to companies:

  • Empowers Innovators: Product licensing enables inventors to realize their dreams. It allows them to see their inventions materialize into tangible products that reach consumers without navigating the complexities of production and distribution themselves.
  • Drives Innovation: Product licensing propels the innovation cycle by facilitating the journey from invention to commercialization. Product licensing gives inventors established pathways to bring their products to the market, encouraging more inventors to create.
  • Benefits Consumers: Licensing products to companies allows consumers to access a broader range of innovative products. These products might have remained unseen because of the licensing mechanisms.
  • Stimulates Economic Growth: Product licensing drives sales and creates new manufacturing, distribution, and retail jobs.
  • Preserves Intellectual Property Rights: Licensing agreements safeguard inventors’ intellectual property rights, ensuring they receive proper recognition and financial compensation for their groundbreaking innovations.

The Role of Intellectual Property Brokers

Intellectual property brokers are indispensable professionals in invention and product licensing. They are pivotal in facilitating licensing agreements, serving as intermediaries between inventors and potential licensees. These brokers understand the intrinsic value of intellectual property and possess the expertise to negotiate mutually beneficial deals.
Critical Functions of Intellectual Property Brokers
Here’s an expanded look at the critical functions undertaken by intellectual property brokers:

  • Facilitating Licensing Agreements: They’re experts in establishing licensing agreements. They serve as the bridge between inventors looking to monetize their inventions and businesses seeking to license products or technologies.
  • Negotiating Beneficial Deals: These professionals are skilled negotiators who work to secure deals that benefit both parties. Their goal is to ensure that the inventor receives fair compensation for their innovation. At the same time, the licensee acquires the rights to a product that can enhance their business.
  • Understanding Intellectual Property Value: They sincerely appreciate the value of intellectual property. They can accurately assess the worth of an invention, considering factors such as its uniqueness, market potential, and the extent of intellectual property protection.
  • Navigating Legal Complexities: Licensing agreements involve intricate legal clauses and conditions. They help inventors navigate these complexities, safeguarding their rights and complying with all relevant laws and regulations.
  • Leveraging Established Relationships: These brokers often have established relationships with potential licensees. These connections can expedite the licensing process and increase the chances of securing a favorable deal.

The Advantage of Working with Intellectual Property Brokers

Working with an intellectual property broker can prove advantageous for inventors, especially those needing more contacts or experience to negotiate licensing agreements. These brokers bring years of industry knowledge, a broad network of contacts, and a keen understanding of the licensing landscape.

Intellectual property brokers save inventors valuable time and potential legal complications by assisting inventors in navigating the legal intricacies associated with licensing agreements. This allows inventors to focus on what they do best – creating innovative products.

These brokers play an invaluable role in the product licensing ecosystem. By bridging the gap between inventors and potential licensees, they facilitate the flow of innovation from the drawing board to the marketplace, benefiting inventors, businesses, and consumers alike.

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Invention Licensing: A Thorough Analysis of Our Success Story

Patents to Retail, a renowned product development and manufacturing company, has made significant strides in invention licensing. Our story is an illuminating case study for inventors and businesses, showcasing how leveraging expertise and resources can lead to considerable market success.

Invention Licensing example, the tank top hanger

The Spotlight: Tank Top Hanger

The “Tank Top Hanger” from Patents to Retail is more than just a product—it’s a testament to successful invention licensing. This innovative hanger, boasting multiple USA patents, has captured the attention of consumers nationwide, gaining popularity on Amazon and other major retail outlets such as Bed Bath & Beyond, Wayfair, Crate & Barrel, and Target.

This success took time to happen. It results from meticulous planning, strategic marketing, and effective licensing. The “Tank Top Hanger” represents a unique solution to a common problem, illustrating the power of innovation when coupled with strategic product licensing.

Patents to Retail: A Licensing Powerhouse

Impressive milestones mark Patents To Retail’s journey. With over $100 million in retail sales and hundreds of items brought to the market, we stand as a beacon of success in product licensing.

We firmly ground our success in the vast array of services we offer, catering to diverse needs and exceeding expectations. From product manufacturing and development to retail packaging, logistics, and warehousing, Patents to Retail provides solutions. We position ourselves as one of the best invention help companies in the U.S., assisting inventors in transforming their ideas into tangible products.

But our accomplishments extend beyond these figures. We hold multiple USA patents, evidence of their innovative spirit and commitment to protecting intellectual property. Our wide-ranging product lines span categories from home organizers and storage solutions to novelties, sports equipment, pet products, baby items, and more.

The Importance of Product Licensing

For inventors, the path from idea to market can be complex. Product licensing companies like Patents to Retail offer collaboration opportunities. With our expertise, inventors can focus on inventing while leaving commercialization intricacies to professionals. Patents to Retail understands intellectual property protection, negotiates licensing agreements, and manages product logistics.

A Global Presence

With corporate offices and showrooms in Des Plaines, IL, Marietta, GA, and Foshan, China, Patents to Retail has a global presence. In China, we meet directly with buyers and oversee their factories for quality control and efficient production.

Our facilities include a plastic injection molding factory with 15 presses. We have a metal fabrication facility equipped with forming, stamping, and finishing equipment, showcasing our commitment to excellence in manufacturing.

A Success Story in Licensing

As one of the best invention help companies, Patents to Retail is a success story in product licensing. Our triumph with innovative products like the “Tank Top Hanger” and others emphasizes the potential of effectively harnessing expertise and resources to introduce inventions to the market. This is a testament to our ability to leverage our capabilities to drive successful product launches.

The Power of Effective Licensing

Product licensing is crucial for transforming innovative ideas into marketable products. Inventors and businesses can learn from the success of Patents to Retail, a strategic invention licensing story. It serves as a roadmap for inventors, showcasing how collaboration with licensing companies streamlines the journey from idea to market. As we enter an increasingly innovative future, product licensing is pivotal in bringing new ideas to consumers worldwide.

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Patents to Retail has a vast line of products throughout the retail marketplace.

Tank Top Hanger is ONE of the Top 37 Genius Products on Amazon with more than 5000 Reviews.

Our “Tank Top Hanger” has been sold in over 25,000 USA retail stores as well as widely available through most e-commerce websites and has multiple USA Patents.

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Patents To Retail does not provide evaluation of commercial potential; hence, we provide no positive or negative evaluation of any product idea but we do commit to using our contacts to present your new concept because unless its seen it can never be licensed or sold.  Patents To Retail can assist in the finalization of your new product design prior to you applying for your patent (or if in process or already issued we can assist in considering the design you have for feasibility of mass manufacturing), however, we do not offer legal advice or referrals for legal advice with respect to your use of our services. Accordingly, we do not have an affiliation or partnership with any patent agent or patent lawyer and we encourage you to seek legal counsel of your choosing to assist you with any patent application or filing, which is solely your responsibility. 
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