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Introductory Letter and Pricing

 Introductory Letter and Pricing



Patents to Retail is a full service product development manufacturing and marketing company. We design and manufacture your product in our authorized factories. We offer for sale directly to our established retail accounts. We are not an invention promotion firm; we take you through all the steps to bring your product to market.

The following is the information for filing a patent, we do not apply for your patent but can suggest you sources we have and do use, from our experience with good service and competitive pricing; however, feel if we handled your actual patent application that could be considered a conflict of interest. So, based on the expertise that we have obtained during 35 years of successfully manufacturing and marketing consumer products, we may have suggestions for your invention to enhance the marketability and manufacturing of your invention which may improve and strengthen your patent application and the possibility of the USPTO granting the patent.

In order for you to begin, if you haven’t yet electronically signed the confidentiality form, go to our link at https://www.patentstoretail.com/start-here.html. There is no cost or any commitment on your part! The confidential form is to protect you, so you are comfortable to discuss your new idea with us.

Here is another link, www.123axis.com. This will give you an opportunity to review products that we have at our many retail accounts. We have around 40 products right now being sold at mass retailers and on many e-commerce web sites, both in the USA and Canada.

I invite you to check out our outstanding A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau which you can verify by clicking this link http://www.bbb.org/chicago/business-reviews/patent-agents/patents-to-retail-in-des-plaines-il-88361091/

Patent Application Program

We can suggest an agent to review your idea and take the first step to get a patent search performed, if you have not applied for a patent, to determine if a patent for your invention has a possibility to have a chance of being issued by the USPTO. You will receive a complete search report for other items that may have been or are currently patented that are like your new concept. If the search comes back with a reasonable chance of getting a patent issued, they will discuss with you whether a design patent or utility patent is best for you along with pricing; however, it is not a guarantee of approval.

Recent USPTO changes, do not allow us to be a third-party representative between our client/you and a patent agency or attorney, a direct contact between you, our client and a patent agency or attorney is required, and you can choose your own or go with our suggestion.

You may, as we highly recommend, go to the USPTO link and check it out at http://www.uspto.gov/ so you understand the difference between a utility and design patent, where a design patent does not protect functionality but a utility patent does.

It is safer to have the utility patent that offers more protection than the design patent. You also need to understand that patents, as well as trademarks and copyrights, are not something you buy. A trademark, copyright or patent can be sent back, not because we did something wrong, but because they are highly subjective. For them to be approved they must be considered “unique”. What is unique to one person, may not be unique to another, it is subjective. Hence, often times a trademark, copyright or patent requires back and forth arguments before it can be approved. It is impossible to predict what objections the US Patent and Trademark office may throw our way, if any. So, we want our clients to know what to potentially expect.


We understand this seems overwhelming, that is where we come in to handle the complicated steps. Once the patent, trademark/copyright is applied for we can move on to actually manufacturing your new product.

If you do not have a patent, drawings, dimensions, and general engineering specifics on how your product is to be manufactured, we charge $1,200 to cover all these developmental costs.

Once we have drawings and see how the product is supposed to operate, we then move onto the Production Consultation, which has a $1,500.00.  This fee will be waived if we go into production of your product. This $1,500.00 fee covers the time and cost to fully quote all production costs to produce your item, completely packaged and ready for sale out of our Chicago area warehouse. Once all costs are calculated we can then establish the retail selling price which would allow us to give you our opinion as to the viability of bringing your invention successfully to market.

If the results of our findings indicate that there is a reasonable chance of successfully marketing your invention, we will include the proposal to manufacture the initial production run including packaging, shipping and warehousing for the initial opening production run necessary for marketing presentations.

Once we have given you our complete proposal, you can agree or decline to continue with the manufacture and marketing of your invention. You are under no obligation to continue! We offer a convenient payment program to cover the initial production proposal costs if you decide to move forward.

Should you decide to proceed, the $1,500.00 Production Consultation is credited against the production run proposal and you will receive a Royalty of 6% based on the collected sales of your invention. On all future orders we assume all product production costs, sales, distribution and general administrative costs. No further costs to you, just hope for successful sales and the annuity of royalty coming in to you. We look forward to a long and mutually profitable business relationship with you.

Let’s get started with your new invention idea today!


Andy Berger


Office Phone: 847-297-0744 – Cell Phone: 847-971-3942 – Email: Axismkt@aol.com

Click this link to see some of my issued patents!



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