Party time hair lights
Party time hair lightsAre you looking to elevate your nightlife looks? From street parades to weddings it is hard to know what to wear. To create the perfect ensemble it seems like you have to have the perfect shoes, bags, and jewelry to come together just right. Have you ever sat in your closet with hundreds of pieces yet still can’t seem to find anything to wear? We’ve all been there! To make your decision easy, find something simple like a romper or a matching set. The perfect way to spice up your look from there is to add accessories.  There have been many new trends surfacing. For example, we have seen hair clips, claw clips, scrunchies, cowboy hats, and furry bucket hats. We have seen new jewelry including gold earrings, layered necklaces, and stacked rings. All of these trends are blowing up. We’re always searching for a new trend to stand apart from everyone else. Many of these items were popular in the early 2000s so it is possible you might just have some of these products lying around your house. Adding different patterns like animal print and sparkles will always heighten an outfit. Even if you are unsure about your look, just be confident and it’s possible that you might be starting a new trend. But, have you ever thought about adding dazzling lights to your look? We have created a new exciting product that everyone can enjoy. Our Party Time Hair Lights were carefully designed specifically for parties, clubs, proms, weddings, street parades, sporting events, and bachelorette parties. A new fun product that can be the new accessory trend.  How to Use Party-Time Hair Lights  Party time hair lightsOur package comes with 14 bulbs, 5 assorted colors, and 12 hair clips. Simply leave your hair down or put your hair up and place each clip in your hair until you can be satisfied with your look. Our clips were crafted for your comfort so you won’t have to worry about the lights weighing you down or feeling itching against your head. Party-Time hair lights are designed for any type of hair so you don’t have to worry about this product not working for you. Our hair lights are battery powered and we will provide the batteries with your purchase. It is easy to slide the battery case underneath your hair so it will be hidden.   Hair lights will immediately set you apart from anyone else at the party and everyone will be asking where you got them from. Hair lights can also add a special element to any custom party you are attending. These can also be for any ages including kids and teenagers as well! Purchase a few to have matching lights with your friends or family on any special occasion. Hair lights can add to any type of outfit by choosing from different colors. Any time you wear these you are bound to have a memorable night.  Our Hair lights are easy to access. You can shop our product on Amazon. So you can have access to hair lights in a few short days.  About Patents to Retail  At Patents to Retail we are extremely excited to feature such a fun and creative product. We worked with the designer and creator of this product to distribute it to you. We have proven our success managing over 800 retail market items throughout the years. We offer product manufacturing, product development, production, retail packaging, and warehousing. We are based in the Chicago area but we also offer offices in Atlanta, Georgia.  Patents to Retail Partners LLC is a full-service product development firm that specializes in licensing. We have partnered with a variety of large retail and online stores like Target, Amazon, Crate&Barrel, Walmart, and many more. We are always looking for creative ideas. Our company has also received an A+ rating and a Complaint Free Award Certificate from the Better Business Bureau of Illinois.  We are always looking for the next big product. If you are looking to execute a creative and innovative product, reach out to Patent to Retail. Our Professionals will provide you with your first consultation for free! Learn More Get your Party-Time Hair Lights today. Shop Now!