Party-Time Hair Lights Color
The holidays are HERE, and lockdowns are GONE! Time to get ready for the BEST parties of the season. But you don't want to look like everybody else, do you? No way! Step up your party game with Party Time Hair Lights from Dr. Organizer! These AMAZING colored lights will transform your look and give you a show-stopping edge.

What Are Party Time Hair Lights?

Party Time Hair Lights are easy and quick to clip onto your hair. With 14 bulbs of Blue and clear colors, you'll be glowing brightly all night long! Plus, the 12 hair clips come in clear and dark brown - so no matter what color your hair is, they will stay secure. And don't worry about people seeing the battery case - just hide it under your hair, and you'll be good to go.

Are Hair Lights Safe?

Party Time Hair Lights are totally safe to wear! The materials used are non-toxic, and the lights have a low voltage rating - so you can be sure you won't get shocked. A battery powers the lights, so there's no need to plug in or worry about cords tangling. Just add some batteries, and you'll be ready to party!   So don't settle for the same old bland looks this holiday season - spice it up with Party Time Hair Lights from Dr. Organizer and let your true colors shine!

Add More Fun to the Occasion

Do you need another idea to take your hair lights and New Year celebration to the next level? Make it a hair-light competition among friends. Whoever comes up with the most eye-catching design wins!  
  • Style the lights around a French braid
  • Make a headband with the lights
  • Try a ponytail half up with a star design
  • Create an intricate crown of lights around your head
  • Wrap the lights in your messy bun for a quick style
Party-Time Hair Lights Color with clips No matter which looks you choose, don't forget to match the rest of your outfit to stun the crowd!

Save Your Party Time Hair Lights for Other Celebrations

Dr. Organizer's hair lights are excellent for your New Year's Eve party, but they offer so much more! Take these lights to upcoming events or celebrations - like birthdays, anniversaries, concerts, and festivals.  
  • Valentine's Day: Make a heart-shaped design with the lights
  • Prom: Create a dazzling halo of lights around your head
  • Graduation: Wrap the lights around your cap to make a graduation statement
  • Fourth of July: Red, white, and blue, anyone?
  • Football season: Show your team spirit with a cluster of team-colored lights
  • Halloween: Complement your costume with Party Time Hair Lights
  The possibilities are endless! So why wait? Get your Party Time Hair Lights and start planning your hairstyle for the big day. You'll be turning heads left and right this New Year's Eve - wearing Dr. Organizer's Party Time Hair Lights! Buy yours now and start the party in style. Happy New Year - and don't forget to shine!