A family getting ready for a turkey dinner.
It's almost New Year's Day, and you know what that means—it's time to ring in the new year! But if you're like many home chefs, one of the most daunting tasks is prepping your turkey. Luckily, there is an easier way to ensure your bird is deliciously flavorful and juicy—brining! And with Capt Steve's Marinator Kit, it's easier than ever. Let's take a closer look at why brining this kit gives you the best results.

Brine With Ease

The Capt Steve Marinator Kit allows you to marinate meat in its own packaging, seal it in marinades after injection, eliminate open meat packaging, and use less marinade. Thanks to its patented design and technology, the Capt Steve kit injects marinades deep into meats for faster absorption and more intense flavor. Plus, it allows for better utilization of marinades and eliminates messy bucket brining. This means your meats will come out tender and juicy every time!

Kit Includes Everything You Need

The Capt Steve Marinator Kit includes everything you need for a successful brine. It has a stainless steel injector with needle 12 single-use injector PIPs 4 Capt Steve award-winning recipes perfect for vacuum-sealed packaging. All that's left is to get the ingredients.

How to Make a Brine

Making a brine is simple with the Capt Steve's Marinator Kit. Here are the steps to follow:
  1. Prepare the marinade: Start by combining your favorite seasonings and liquids into a bowl.
  2. Fill the injector with marinade: Pour the marinade into the stainless steel injector, filling it to capacity.
  3. Inject the meat: Insert the needle into the meat and press the plunger to inject the marinade.
  4. Seal and store: Once you have injected your meat, seal it in a vacuum-sealed bag and store it in the refrigerator until it is ready to cook.
  5. Cook: When ready, remove the marinated meat from the refrigerator and follow your recipe instructions for cooking time and temperature.
  By following these simple steps, you can get the most flavor out of your turkey—or any other meat of your choice!

Easy To Use - US Patent Pending

With easy-to-follow instructions included in each kit, getting started is easy peasy! Plus, the Capt Steve Marinator Kit can be found at Walmart online through AXIS International or on Amazon with free Prime shipping, so you don't even have to leave your house to get what you need!
Capt Steve's Meat Marinator infusing a pork roast.
Delight guests with a tender pork roast.
Whether you're a seasoned home chef or just starting out in the kitchen, using the Capt Steve Marinator Kit makes brining your turkey (or any other meat) easier than ever before! Thanks to its innovative design and technology, it eliminates messy bucket brining and ensures that your meats are infused with maximum flavor every single time. So this holiday season give yourself an extra helping of peace of mind knowing that all your foods will come out perfectly cooked thanks to Capt Steve's Marinator Kit!