Floating TV Shelf 1
Sometimes maintaining a tidy home can be difficult. If you have a lot of things to organize, it can feel like a full time job. The great thing about TV shelves and entertainment centers is that they can keep you entertained while still allowing you to keep other items in their own space. Dr. Organizer’s Top Shelf Universal Shelf for Flat Screen TV is one of the best entertainment center shelves available because it is a great way to organize your entertainment center quickly and conveniently.

Will this Floating TV Shelf Fit My TV?

The Floating TV shelf is versatile and one of the most easy to use TV shelves available and fits most flat screen televisions. Designed to provide instant space for mounting your sound bar, speakers, cable box, gaming systems, remotes, pictures and any other household items. It is great for saving space in any room as it mounts to any flat screen TV quickly and easily.  Floating TV Shelf

How do I install a Floating TV shelf?

This innovative Floating TV Shelf is the perfect space-saving, simple and easy solution for organizing and storing your flat screen TV’s accessories. It is the perfect fit for any room as it mounts to any flat screen TV in no time! The floating TV shelf is exceptionally stable, there is a lip that clips to the front of the flatscreen TV with wide adjustable legs on the back.  Uniquely designed with vented slots for heat dissipation to keep your devices running at optimum temperature. The soft fabric underneath the shelf prevents stretches to your TV frame. Its steady, non-slip mesh rubber pad prevents your items from slipping or falling, keeping your items right where you left them.

Why should I get this Floating TV Shelf?

If your entertainment area is a mess and the thought of putting away your DVD player or any other items makes you cringe, now is the time to bring in Dr. Organizer’s Top Shelf Universal Shelf for Flat Screen TV to make your life easier. This Universal Floating TV Shelf provides not only functional but also versatile storage. It has a low profile, so it’s easy to place on your flatscreen television while providing space on the top for your sound bar, gaming systems, cable box, and other items. It’s designed to perfectly fit most flat screen televisions, and it’s easy to install! Floating TV Shelf 2

Where can I get this shelf for my flat screen TV?

Currently at Walmart: DR. ORGANIZER USA Patented Top Shelf Universal Shelf for Flat Screen TV. Never lose your TV remote again! Securely keep your entertainment accessories in sight but out of mind with this Universal Floating TV Shelf. Get it today for your living room, bedroom, den, home theater, family room, entertainment room, gaming room, man cave, kitchen or office!

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