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Patents to Retail FAQ



Does P2R work confidentially?

Yes. Patents to Retail will keep your idea 100% confidential. You can feel safe discussing your idea with one of our expert product development consultants and see if we can help make your idea a success!

Can P2R help me patent an idea?

Yes. Patents to Retail works with a trustworthy and reliable patent company. A patent lawyer and/or patent agent will conduct a patent research on your idea to see if it can be successfully patented.


Will P2R evaluate my idea?

Yes. During your FREE initial product consultation, we should be able to determine if your idea can be successfully brought to market and move forward with a patent search on your idea.

Do I need a patent attorney?

Yes. Patent agent/attorney should be your choice. We can suggest some, that we worked with on our patents, but we do not have any affiliation with them other that their work experience  and performance.   

Does P2R provide marketing materials for my invention idea?

Yes. Once your idea has been approved for a patent and you decide to move forward with manufacturing your idea, we work closely with the inventor to approve product images, descriptions, bullet points, packaging materials and more to make sure your product can be marketable.

Can P2R create a prototype of my invention idea?

Yes. Patents to Retail, along with our parent company, Axis International Marketing have long lasting relationships with factories overseas and have the ability to source new factories to create a prototype of your invention idea.