Bringing a product idea to the retail market is possible when partnering with Patents to Retail. Patents to Retail’s New and Exclusive Partnership with Crate & Barrel is for two PTR patented products. Patents to Retail Partners LLC and Axis International Marketing Company work cohesively to bring invention ideas to the retail market. Now, two of their developed products are exclusively sold at Crate & Barrel.   Both of these products have 4.6-star ratings on Crate & Barrel’s website. The renewable, naturally finished Bamboo trays expand with adjustable dividers to best fit your kitchenware in almost any drawer. Currently offered in Bamboo with Acacia and Walnut versions coming soon in 2022. Expandable Bamboo Gadget TrayPatents to Retail Bamboo Flatware Tray

Patents to Retail Partners LLC transform product ideas into retail marketed items.

Just like Patents to Retail's New & Exclusive Partnership with Crate & Barrel! Since their first patented product came about in 1988 they have been expanding product lines. And continue to bring new and innovative ideas to the retail market. They have helped hundreds of organizational tools, products, houseware items, accessories, novelties and much more come to life!

When collaborating with Patents to Retail Partners LLC your product idea can transform into a patent.

Patents can develop into an actual manufactured product through their partnership with Axis International Marketing Company.

Patents to Retail Partners LLC and Axis International Marketing Company work together and manage product ideas from start to finish.

They offer free product consultation, sourcing and manufacturing, prototype design, eCommerce, and shipping, and present products to the retail market. These retailers include but are not limited to many large retail stores and online sites such as Crate & Barrel, Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Zulily, Walmart, TJMaxx, Marshalls, HomeGoods, Target, Fresh Finds, Sur la Table, LTD Commodities, Dollar General, Wayfair, Family Dollar, Lillian Vernon, Current and more!

Are you ready to move that genius product idea from the back of your mind to money in your pocket?

Importantly, choosing the right company to partner with can boost you and your product to the checkout line sooner than you thought. Patents to Retail has proven success managing over 800 products to the marketplace throughout the years and has sold over $90 million at retail.  Contact Patents to Retail Partners LLC experts today to get your product idea into retail stores! For more information on selling throughout the marketplace, visit our website, call 847-297-0744, or email Patents to Retail President, Andy Berger, at info@patentstoretailcell.com