Civil Rights Lawyer Jacksonville

Civil Rights Lawyer Jacksonville

A civil rights lawyer in Jacksonville is an allie when you want to prove that you suffered a violation of your rights in the workplace by your employer. Anyone who suffers retaliation, harassment, discrimination, may pursue legal action with an employment discrimination lawyer. Our attorneys have experience and can provide information on specific matters. We understand the seriousness of your circumstances and are vigilant to help you with any issues that arise to protect your rights and life.

FAQ To Civil Rights Lawyers

Can You Help With An EEOC Complaint?

The EEOC gets involved when the employee whose employer has at least 15 employees. We counsel you on the best way of preparing for the case and offer a lengthy letter detailing how we will take action to fall within the set timeframe.

The attorney keeps track of the case as it proceeds and moves forward with legal action, ensuring that all phases are completed successfully.

How Do You Solve Issues Related To Human Rights Violations?

Filing a work discrimination case to protect your rights requires you to meet the deadlines and adhere to agency rules. Discrimination law firms can help you by reviewing your case and moving forward with resources and strategies that favor a positive outcome.

How Does The Local Age Discrimination Lawyer Prove Discrimination?

The attorney must prove you are the victim of discrimination by presenting evidence of the adverse actions. We will gather witnesses, documents, and data showing that you were qualified for the role but were eliminated due to a protected class such as your age, race, disability, or sexual orientation.

In discrimination cases, we seek compensation under law for damages, such as for the emotional, physical and financial loss you endured as a consequence of the adverse discrimination.

How Do You Determine If Am Entitled To Compensation?

Employers have to follow certain employment laws when hiring and working with employees. Therefore, employers must act consistent with the laws A race discrimination lawyer determines based upon the facts and law if you have a claim. We conduct an in-depth assessment of your job experience and initiating legal action to show all the ways that the employer may have harmed you.

The lawyers work to prove discrimination, and our job is to show that the actions of the employer were in violation of the law. We determine whether the laws are violated based upon the following:

  • Unfair wages
  • Excessive or limited working hours
  • Wrong work assignments
  • Unlawful termination
  • Restrictions for sick leaves or vacation benefits
  • Inhumane work conditions and schedules
  • Restricted promotions

Can The Employee Prove a Wrongful Firing?

A majority of the United States has at-will employment conditions, meaning the employer can decide to fire you for no reason. However, they must not fire you for discriminatory reasons within the protected class.

Provide our civil rights attorneys with more information if you think you were fired for the wrong reasons, and we can discuss your options and possible expectations more.

Civil Rights Lawyer Jacksonville

Civil Rights Lawyer Jacksonville

Civil Rights Lawyer Jacksonville

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