Catch-A-Cough A Facemask For Your Cough

Help slow viruses and other respiratory bacteria from spreading with Patents to Retail and Axis International Marketing’s Catch-A-Cough Catch-A-Cough is antiviral, antibacterial and waterproof with a convenient elastic armband with easy compression self-close.  Trapping your cough germs in the medical grade material pouch is as easy as 1, 2, 3! One, slide the Catch-A-Cough onto the arm you use to cough in. Two, slide the pouch toward your hand. Three, open the pouch using your thumb and index finger. 

“A Pandemic! What a horrible situation to try and stay safe. Exactly why you need the USA Patented Catch-A-Cough! COVID, Delta and now Omicron as well as Influenza. Cough and when needed, expectorate safely keeping those around you safe when you use the Catch-A-Cough. You wear a mask for safety and the Catch-A-Cough is just as important to use to keep those around you safe! Made out of the same 3 ply material as the face masks you use for 3 layers of protection,” states Patent to Retail President, Andy Berger. 

Catch-A-Cough_Patents-to-Retail_ This terrific shield is made from 3 layers of SMS material, (Spunbond Meltblown Spunbond, tri laminate non woven fabric) and is more sanitary than a tissue. Yes, more sanitary than a tissue! The outer layer is non-woven waterproof, anti-saliva fabric for skin comfort. The middle layer is melt blown fabric which is antibacterial. The inner layer is non-woven, waterproof, anti-saliva comfortable material. Catch-A-Cough_Patents-to-Retail Get your Catch-A-Cough today at Walmart! There are 6 units per box and each pouch is 5.5" L x 3" W x .25" H. Patents to Retail will help bring your product to market just like Catch-A-Cough. Patents to Retail Partners LLC transform product ideas to retail marketed items. When collaborating with Patents to Retail Partners LLC your product idea can transform into a patent. That patent can then be developed into an actual manufactured product through their partnership with Axis International Marketing Company. The product will then be offered to major retailers to market, just like this unique Catch-a-Cough and hundreds of organizational tools, products, houseware items, accessories, novelties and much more come to life! Patents to Retail Partners LLC and Axis International Marketing Company work together and manage product ideas from start to finish. They offer free product consultation, sourcing and manufacturing, prototype design, eCommerce and shipping as well as present products to the retail market, including but not limited to many large retail stores and online sites such as Crate & Barrel, Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Zulily, Walmart, TJMaxx, Marshalls, HomeGoods, Target, LTD Commodities, Dollar General, Wayfair, Family Dollar, Lillian Vernon, Current and more!  For more information on selling throughout the marketplace, call 847-297-0744 or contact us today!