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Never Eat Bland Meat Again With the Capt Steve's Meat Marinator

Do you often feel like your home-cooked meat tastes bland? Do you love the flavor of brined meat but dread the mess and work? Do you prefer the convenience of pre-seasoned options but hate the cost and dangerous preservatives? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you’ve come to the right place! At Patents to Retail, we discovered a lack in the market for easy, accessible, customizable, and safe meat marinating solutions. So what is the answer? The Capt Steve's Meat Marinator is a creative solution that allows you to brine meat within its packaging to save time, reduce the mess, and create tasty meals every night.

Why Should You Marinate Meat?

Typically, when you “marinate” meat at home, you allow it to sit in a container with tasty liquids and spices, hoping that this fluid will soak in deep and create a wonderful flavor. The truth is, meat tissue cells are like oversaturated sponges—they can only absorb so much. Successful marinating involves injecting flavors deep into the meat’s tissues for a juicier and more tender result. Marinades typically include a few key components:
  •   Salt brines break down the meat’s tough cells by drawing out unnecessary liquids so that you can enjoy a more concentrated, melt-in-your-mouth flavor.
  •   Acids and enzymes, like vinegar or citrus juice, bring out the meat’s flavors and alter the surface texture.
  •   Sugar responds to cooking heat and caramelizes the outside surface for a crispy crust.
  •   Oils protect the meat’s outer layer from sticking and balance out acidic and salty flavors.

What Is the Capt Steve's Meat Marinator?

The Capt Steve's Meat Marinator creates a resealable port on pre-packaged meat containers so that you can inject, brine, and season meat without making a mess. When you use this meat marinator, all of the flavorful marinades stay in the sealed meat package to reduce the risk of leaking and cross-contamination. Cut meal prep time in half by popping on a Capt Steve's Meat Marinator instead of opening meat packaging.

How Does the Capt Steve's Meat Marinator Work?

The meat marinator comes with an adhesive-backed base and a reusable screw-on cap. To use, simply:
  1. Remove the backing of the adhesive base and stick it on a small dry area of your pre-packaged meat.
  2. Use the included injector to inject your secret recipes through the opening.
  3. Screw on the cap and let the marinade go to work. Stick your masterpiece into the fridge and allow the meat to soak up all those fantastic flavors or freeze for later use.
Once you’re ready to cook, simply remove the meat from its packaging and save the cap for another use. It’s that simple!

Spice Up Dinner Time and Try the Capt Steve’s Meat Marinator Today!

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