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Snap the Beltevator on your Seat Belt and Drive with Safety, Comfort and Confidence

Seat belts are often worn incorrectly due to their discomfort. The Beltevator is another new patented item Patents to Retail and Axis International Marketing brought to market for one of their clients. The Beltevator is designed to enhance your daily seat belt safety and comfort.  Even kids love how comfortable it is! It is very easy and convenient to clean, put on and take off. Simply attach it to your seat belt, secure it with the metal snap and wear it snuggly where your seatbelt lies. Bring it with you so you can wear it in other vehicles too. Recommended for adults, young adults and children, seniors and young adults. The Beltevator is suitable for anyone who wears a seatbelt.  Beltevator Child

"The USA Patented BELTEVATOR is the ideal seat belt accessory! Enhances comfort as well as safety, reduces wrinkles on clothing and is adjustable for those with chest sensitivity," Berger states.

Beltevator In Use Never look disheveled when you get to work again! The Beltevator reduces wrinkling apparel and fraying of neck ties. It does so by allowing the soft fabric to sit on your clothing while  the seat belt hovers off your chest and neck.  Create space over your shoulder and chest with easy adjustments. The Beltevator is perfect for those with chest sensitivity such as ports, pacemakers or previous surgeries. Beltevator hovers over the chest area to alleviate the pressure of your seat belt. While it hovers off your chest it still provides safety, it softens and reduces seat belt impact and injury.

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The Beltevator has proven effective. It was put to the test in a state-of-the-art facility for crash testing and research. The Head Injury Component (HIC) data showed a reduction of seat belt G forces on the neck and head by 9% with the use of the Beltevator on a seat belt.

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Beltevator Front and Back Patents to Retail believes in designing products you can trust that are built to last. Patents to Retail is a full-service product development firm with a unique association with Axis International Marketing Company headquartered in Chicagoland. They offer product manufacturing along with product development, production, retail packaging, logistics and warehousing right here in the USA!  Patents to Retail has proven success managing over 800 retail market items throughout the years and have sold over $90 million at retail. They always offer 100% confidential, free initial consultations. Patents to Retail specializes in licensing as well as manufacturing, warehousing, packaging and distribution. Their experienced team handles all logistics and produces quality products at the lowest possible cost. For more information on transforming product ideas to retail marketed items or franchising, visit, call 847-297-0744 or email Patents to Retail President, Andy Berger, at