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About Us

About Patents to Retail

Patents to Retail is the premiere ALL in ONE patent consulting, manufacturing and sales company.

For over 35 years, we have helped everyday people prepare and present their ideas to our retailers. We have successfully manufactured and marketed hundreds of items to the mass retail markets.

Our company has received an A+ rating and a Complaint Free Reward Certificate from the Better Business Bureau of Illinois.

We can bring your idea to life in easy and simple steps. During the process, we will work together. We will obtain your input and approval for each step.

With 100% confidentiality, we provide:

  • Patent protection assistance
  • Product design, prototype and artwork
  • International manufacturing
  • Sales and marketing

In addition to our Chicago-area corporate office and warehouse, we have our own office in China along with reliable, trustworthy factories that provide high quality products.


Annually, we exhibit at The International Houseware Show in Chicago.


The International Houseware Show 2019

The International Houseware Show 2018

Do not wait until it is too late! Get started today!

We guarantee your new product will be presented to the buyers and mass retailers who we conduct business with*.

*Note that we cannot guarantee that your product will be accepted and sold to any retailer. We do not have control over the buyers’ choices. We do guarantee your product will be presented to the appropriate buyer and retailer of our current customers. You will receive a royalty fee based on the sales of your item.