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About Us

Patents to Retail

In 1998 our first patented product came about. The need for organizational tools and products that were unique and would fit any drawer, cabinet and closet. We now have a successfully large line of organizers and storage for your home. But that’s not all we produce. We have expanded our product line which includes housewares, baby products, shelving, apparel, pet products, sporting goods, cell phone accessories, novelties and much more. Our company is about quality not quantity. We took time to research and test products before bringing them to market.; Our products prove that we wanted to bring new and innovative ideas to the market.

Our company has received an A+ rating and a Complaint Free Reward Certificate from the Better Business Bureau of Illinois.

Our Locations

Patents to Retail Headquarters

Patents to Retail is located in Des Plaines, IL. which is a suburb of Chicago, just minutes from O’Hare International Airport. Here we operate our Corporate Offices with our showroom and full warehouse facility.

Patents to Retail in Atlanta, GA

Patents to Retail also operates another corporate office in Marietta, GA, which is close to Atlanta and Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

Patents to Retail in Foshan, China

Patents to Retail’s China office is located in Foshan, China, a central location to our own factories insuring quality as well as timely shipments. This also enables Patents to Retail to directly meet with buyers on their Orient trips to see our China Showroom as well as meet our office staff and make personal visits to the Patents to Retail factories.

Factory: Plastic Injection Molding

Our plastic injection molding facility is comprised of a huge factory with 15 injection molding presses ranging from 75 tons to 500 tons along with all types of final packaging machines too! Our factory has 75 full time workers and the capability of handling your plastic fabrication requirements.

Factory: Metal Fabrication

Our metal fabrication facility is comprised of a huge factory with numerous forming, stamping and finishing equipment with a specialty in stainless steel production. The factory is run with the most modern computerized technology available along with all types of final packaging capabilities too! Our factory has 60 full time employees and the ability to handle all of your metal fabrication requirements.

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