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Patent Protection

  • Create drawings to be submitted to the US Patent Trademark Office
  • Ensure that you own and hold the intellectual property
  • rights to your idea.
  • Once your patent has been applied for, we can begin working
  • together on your new invention.
  • Do not wait any longer, start the patent process now!

Production & Manufacturing

  • Determine production costs
  • Tooling / Labor / Artwork / Packaging
  • Determine whole sale & retail costs
  • Receive prototype sample
  • Competitive price in the US retail marketplace

Sales & Marketing

  • Your item is guaranteed to be seen by mass USA retailers
  • You will receive a royalty on the items we sell


  • Hi Andy, The 4 of us talked and we don’t feel comfortable dishing out that much money. We know that you have way more experience than we do and the fact that you said you wouldn’t spend that much of your money says a lot. Thanks for your honesty. So I guess we have to shelf the idea unless we can find a cheaper way to manufacture the product but that doesn’t seem to be a possibility. It sucks, after all this time it’s not going to work. Gosh, they can send a man to the moon but can’t make a poop bag dispenser! Thank you and your team for your diligence. I really appreciate it. I just wished it would have worked.

    Jill & KIm

  • "Andy, Your method of bringing a product to market is very effective, and you did better than any other company in making my Cover Fresh a viable and successful consumer product. Patents To Retail did everything you promised and more!"

    Jim H. - Inventor

  • Axis International Marketing was extremely helpful in helping us get our invention off the ground. Their professionalism and expertise in taking an idea from its infant stages and developing it into a full fledged product with a marketing plan was second to none. Andy, Kathy and the entire staff were a pleasure to work with and really held our hands during the entire process. We truly loved the entire experience from start to finish. Thank you Axis International.

    Dina H. - Inventor


Our Clients

  • Home Depot
  • Lillian Veron
  • Holdn' Storage
  • Amazon
  • Crate & Barrel

Free Initial Consultation

100% safe & confidential discuss your idea with our expert product consultants determine if your product is patentable & marketable