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                                                                 Our Patent Process

Our Patent Process is fast, easy and our prices are some of the lowest in the industry. When it comes to the patent process, time is of the essence. Don't let somebody steal your invention idea by beating you to the patent office! Our patent team takes the process of filing a patent very seriously, and works quickly to get your patent filed. PatentsToRetail can help you get patent protection for your invention idea. We want to ensure that you are the person who legally holds the right to sell your invention and most importantly, collect royalties on your invention idea. Don't wait any longer, start the patent process now.

We require that all inventors we work with have a patent in order to enter production. The main reason for this is a legal one - we want to ensure that you own and hold the intellectual property rights to your idea.  This also ensures that you are the only person who can sell your product in the United States. 

After patent protection has been secured to protect your idea, we have the ability to create Prototypes and Manufacture your product.