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To learn more about our company and pricing structure, please review our introductory letter below.

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​​Turning Your Idea Into A Product Has Never Been Easier!

Patents to Retail is a full service product development and manufacturing company, we are not an "invention promotion firm", we make money by manufacturing products in our authorized factories and selling directly to our established retail accounts, both here in the USA as well as Canada.

Patents to Retail has the resources to manufacture your new product/invention and we guarantee to present your product to our mass market retail accounts. Our consultations are free of charge & confidential so you can safely discuss your new invention with us, which will then enable us to understand your product concept and make recommendations as to what services we can offer in order to place your invention in a position to be protected and offered to the USA and International retail market place that we already have dozens of products presently being sold at, right now!

Patents to Retail provides full services from offering assistance in applying for a patent to actually manufacturing, warehousing and selling your product all under our total control!

Based on the expertise that we have obtained during 35 years of successfully manufacturing and selling 100's of items, for nearly 4 decades, we may have suggestions for your invention to enhance the marketability and manufacturing of your invention to get it to perform as you intend yet being able to produce a quality product at the lowest possible cost.

We have our own office in China and factories we've worked with for decades!

We finalize all production design, do the packaging artwork and run production, all with your input and approval, each step of the way!

We handle all logistics.

We have our own warehouse, in the Chicago IL area.

We have over 30 items at retail 'right-now' so we can guarantee your new product will be presented to the buyers we already conduct business with! That's a promise you cannot beat!

(Note we cannot know whether or not a retailer will want to try your product at retail and even if they did there's no way to know if the end retail consumer will buy it BUT we can guarantee based on the dozens of retailers we do sell right now both here in the USA & internationally that your product will be presented to the right buyer.)

We exhibit, in 2018, at The International Houseware Show in Chicago, where our inventors are welcome to attend, work the booth and meet the buyers first hand.

We have successfully manufactured and marketed consumer products for the past 35 years.

Now hit the start button at the top of the page and let's see if your new invention/idea might just be that next BIG ONE!

We will present your product to our mass market retail accounts, guaranteed!

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The International Home + Housewares Show March 2018

Your method of bringing a product to market is very effective, and you did better than any other company in making my Cover Fresh a viable and successful consumer product.   Patents To Retail did everything you promised and more!"                              

​                                                                              Jim H. - Inventor

A sampling of inventor's products coming into the marketplace in 2018